Mindset & Life Purpose Coaching

Ana McRae, life purpose and mindset coach laying on hammock looking at sky


Have you ever sat at work and wondered if there’s more to life than this?

Perhaps you’re completely miserable in your current job and the only thing keeping your bum in the seat is the paycheck that appears in your bank account every 2 weeks?

Or maybe you’ve built a successful career that was once exciting, but now feels less aligned with who you are and how you want to spend your days – you wonder if you’re settling for something less than amazing?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re meant to be doing something different, something bigger, something more fulfilling and aligned with your purpose and your values…

You were right.

What if you could wake up every single day freaking THRILLED about what you get to spend your time doing? Working with people you love, doing that which fills your cup, having plenty of time to spend with people you love.

What if you could look back on your year, AMAZED at what you were able to pull off? Achieving successes that felt impossible when you started with such ease that it still gives you butterflies.

What if you felt FULFILLED every night when you laid in your bed, with a heart so full of gratitude for the life you get to live? Experiencing joy, happiness, and fulfillment every day!

I’m a life purpose coach that thrives on helping heart-centered women discover their purpose so they can create fulfilling lives exploding with joy.

If you’re ready to finally discover your authentic purpose and find or create a career that fulfills you to the core, I am here for you.

My 1:1 Life Purpose Coaching Program will help you get clear on what you’re meant to be doing with your life and develop the roadmap to actually making it happen so that you can experience freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance on a daily basis.

  • If you are good enough at your job, but feel burnt out from blindly following a “successful” career path that wasn’t a good fit for you (and you’re not exactly sure what IS…)

  • If you are downright miserable at work and wish you could be your own boss and/or do what you love every day (but aren’t sure how to make that happen…)

  • If you’ve led a long and wonderful career to date but are ready for a change (whether you know what said change looks like or not…)

I am here to support you in getting crystal clear on your purpose and developing an actionable plan for HOW to step into it so that you can feel the fulfillment that comes with pursuing a purpose-driven life.

Here’s the thing – 80% of people settle for mediocre lives because they’ve never been taught how to get clear on their purpose and build their life around it.

I help ambitious women uncover their purpose so they can step into their full potential and spend their days doing what they love!!

Together, within this life purpose coaching container, we can…

  • Figure out exactly what an amazing life looks like TO YOU (and how to start living it NOW)
  • Pinpoint your dream career/business based on your unique superpowers, passions, and financial dreams
  • Identify your core values and intentionally design a life that’s aligned with them
  • Eliminate any limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck at status quo
  • Break your goals down into focused action plans that make it easy for you to achieve them
  • Make massive momentum every week and realize your wildest dreams faster than you thought possible
  • Create the kind of clarity, confidence, and consistent action that moves mountains

After working with me in this life purpose coaching container, you will know *exactly* what you want to do with your life and have a crystal clear road map of how to get there (plus you’ll already be well on your way!)

Click the button below to book in a time to chat about whether this is the right next step for you.

We’ll dig into what feels hard about figuring out your purpose and how I can support you in getting clear on what that looks like and intentionally carving out space in your life for it. I’ll help you see HOW to figure out what you want so that you can escape the indecision, overwhelm, and doubt that you’re used to and step into your full potential, with confidence, ease, and joy.

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